How to change the order of the sections on frontpage

Discussion in 'Web Directory Script' started by computermusen, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. computermusen

    computermusen New Member

    Q1: I need to change the order of the sections shown on the frontpage, index/
    Right now I have "sponsored" listings first, and featured listings, and then New listings, but I would like to reoorder theese sections.
    How to do that?

    Q2: Also, If I have some text added in the editor on the pages, that shows frontpage, it dosent show up at all, no matter what.
    How to correct this?

    Thanks for helping me out. Im runing 4.2.1 subrion with webdirectory
    Michael, Denmark
  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    We have a nice tool in admin dashboard. It's called Visual Mode. You can find it in your admin dashboard top right menu -EYE icon. Just go click Visual mode there, and you will drag & drop your sections on frontend.

    Regarding the test - not sure what's going on. We'd need your admin dashboard access to check that.

  3. computermusen

    computermusen New Member

    Hi Vasily, You helped me last year yo convert into 4.2, I dont know if you remember?
    Yes, I do know the Visual mode, but when activating this, it dosent work either. It opens the page in a new tab, but there isent any sections to move at all. Just the same page is shown, and theres no way to turn off the visual mode. There used to be a button, but that is also not there.

    Also, yes, the text on the editor, isent shown at all on either frontends. I have tried to change the frontpage to another page, and then added some text in the editor. That dosent work either. It seems that some functions isent there anymore. But I havent changed anything, since you converted the site for me.
    If you should login, howe to send you the login securly, and maybe also ftp?
    Best regards
  4. computermusen

    computermusen New Member

    Hi Vasily, any news? I hope you can help me, with this problem, as it seems bigger, than first expected....
    Best regards,
  5. computermusen

    computermusen New Member

    Hi Vasily, did you se my last message? Hope that you can help me. Thanks.
    BR, Michael
  6. computermusen

    computermusen New Member

    Hi Vasily, any news on how you could help me fix this issue?

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