How to check Website Speed test Google

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    How to check Website Speed test Google
    Website Speed test Google: Nothing hurts a great website better than a poor loading experience. In fact, Google says visitors with a seven-second load time experience are 113% more likely to bounce a page.
    Page speed is so important to the user experience that Google started incorporating it in 2018 as one of its ranking factors. To take you forward.
    For those who want to gain insights during their loading, Google offers a free PageSpeed Insights tool that can get your page to scale from zero to 100. Presented ":


    The report looks clear and simple. But if you're not the most tech-savvy person, it can be a bit difficult to understand what some of the report's recommendations actually mean.
    Here is an example of a report that has a long list of jargon comments:


    While the jargon above may look scary, accepting many of the suggestions from PageSpeed Insights can actually be quite easy - even if you're not a web developer.
    Here's an eight-step guide to help you achieve a 100% speed score while enhancing your user experience and tackling slow loading times. For each step, we will explain why it is important, give you insight into how to do it, and let you know if any technology experts may be involved. read more to Website Speed test Google

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