How to do LiteBlue Login Official Procedure?

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    We should be aware that only authorized USPS person can log in to the liteblue portal and access epayroll . If any other activity like illegal person tries to log in the website they have a very strict policy regarding it . let see how the liteblue log in procedure works you can Follow the given instructions this is only for authorized employees those who have username and password:

    1. First of all open the official LiteBlue USPS employee login page
    2. When this page is open in front of you. you can find two field to enter one is the employee ID and the second is password.

    3. Enter the official employee ID which is your work card number and click sign in. and for the starting point you will have to enter that temporary password which is assigned by the administrators.Users can change this password afterward according to their choice.

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