How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 15222

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    QuickBooks is an application which maintains the privacy and security of any company. It happens to be a fact that sometimes the software corrupts and an error occurs by mentioning in a message which is QuickBooks Error Code 15222. It is an error which is primarily related to the payroll services.

    So, one must wonder what actually this error is and what does it indicate? Is it an issue of some major significance and how to get rid of it.

    Why does QuickBooks Error 15222 occur?
    There are various reasons which can contributeto the outcome of QuickBooks Error 15222 which generally pops up while downloading a Payroll or while updating the QuickBooks application. There are some basic reasons listed below as the cause of this error:

    • The QuickBooks update is identified as a threat and the installation gets blocked by the antivirus.So we must keep it in mind that this Error and antivirus has no associationuntil it is linked with anti-spyware.
    • The browser incompatibility also causes this error to occur.
    • If the register digital signatures stop working and the functionsare still alive in the browser tab or task manager.
    • When the current browser is not set as default then also the error occurs.
    How to fix QuickBooks Error 15222?
    To fix the issues one must follow the following steps:

    Install a digital Signature certificate:
    • In the initial stage, we have to shut down the QuickBooks Desktop. The reason for it to be shut down in the initial stage is that the Digital Signature tab will not be seen if the QuickBooks is open.
    • In the next step, we have to do right click on QBW32.exe located in the folder C:\ Program Files\ Intuit \ QuickBooks and go to
    • Then we click on the Digital Signature tab. In this case, it should be made sure that Intuit, Inc. is chosen in the signatures
    • The next step to be followed is to select Details and in the Digital Signature Details window, View Certificate has to be selected.
    • Then in the Certificate window, Install Certificate should be clicked on.
    • Unless the Finish button pops up, keep on clicking the Next button.
    • After the full procedure, restart the computer, open QuickBooks and download the update again.
    • We need to update some software like anti-adware, anti-malware, anti-spyware or antivirus software in order to follow some exceptions like domains of,, and
    The above steps if followed will help to resolve the QuickBooks error 15222. Even after following these steps, if anyone is not able to resolve the error, then, in that case, the QuickBooks support can be contacted on their toll-free number. The QuickBooks online technical help team will definitely take care of it and will help you to resolve the error. To get this technical support, the Certified experts can be contacted at Support number 1-888-412-7852.
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