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    I used to work with an old CMS 'pwsPhp'... But since my hosting provider has migrated his infra, my portal is not working anymore. So, I have decided to migrate my data into a new CMS. I have selected Subrion has it seems simple and nevertheless powerful.

    I have installed the version under development (from GitHub) as my provider doesn't grant the Super Privilege required by the setup script of Subrion 4.0.2 (An issue is fixed in #803).

    Next, I have imported my data directly into the DB, using CSV. I filled the tables blog_entries, blog_entries_tags and blog_tags.

    It worked like charm and I can now see my data into my new CMS (temporarily made available here: )

    Here is a sample of the data loaded into the DB (just in case I missed something critical)

    SELECT * FROM sbr421_blog_entries,sbr421_blog_entries_tags,sbr421_blog_tags WHERE AND


    I have nevertheless a few troubles and I can't neither find help on Google nor figure out myself what's going wrong.

    On the page 'blog', I don't see the Navigation bar. I am using the template kurut and in the index.tpl, the navigation is there: {navigation aTotal=$ aTemplate=$pagination.template aItemsPerPage=$core.config.blog_number aNumPageItems=5}

    If I debug the index.php of the module 'blog', I see that $iaDb->foundRows() returns 1.
    And this seems to be the issues. Indeed, if I force $pagination['total'] = 100, then I see the navigation bar.

    Unfortunately, I am not able to reverse engineer all the code to understand how the method foundRows() is assumed to work...

    Is there anyone who could help me ?

    Many thx in adv !!!


    PS.: just in case: the bloc 'Refine Search' is 'active' and I didn't change its parameters (Bug #2521). But I don't see it anywhere...
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