Tutorial How to upgrade Subrion CMS from 3.x.x to the next version

Discussion in 'Installation & Upgrades' started by Andrew G., Aug 6, 2014.

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    Thanks Andrew.
  3. febtonline

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    This is the error I get while trying to upgrade.

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  4. Andrew_G.

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  5. carsinyankee

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    Hi @Andrew_G.
    I am not sure your first response fully addresses software upgrade!!!

    The first link (http://dev.subrion.org/projects/subrion-cms/wiki/Upgrade_Subrion_to_the_next_version) works for plugin installation and NOT software upgrade!!!

    The second link (http://tinyurl.com/nnbpbyc) assumes the admin will be notified of an upgrade on his dashboard

    No notification for update on my admin page!!! I am currently on version 3.5.5 and now there is 4.0.0, how long will it take for me to have a notification for upgrade? If there are other ways of upgrading, please kindly advice.

    Thanks for supporting
  6. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hello @carsinyankee ,

    You're right 4.0.0 version of the Subrion CMS has been already released, but there is no upgrade patch from 3.3.5 to 4.0.0 available in the Subrion Admin Panel.
    We've released 4.0.0 version with a lot of improvements and bugfixes (you can find detailed changelog here: http://dev.subrion.org/versions/147 ) that's why on this moment there is no easy way to upgrade from 3.3.5 to 4.0.0.
    Now 4.0.0 version should be used only by new customers to start their projects / create new websites. We haven't released premium packages (except Autos: http://www.subrion.org/forums/threads/auto-classifieds-software-4-0-0-released.2204/ ) for 4.0.0 version yet. We haven't released templates / plugins for 4.0.0 version too.

    I.e. I recommend you to use 3.3.5 version of the Subrion CMS until all the plugins / templates / premium packages will be updated for 4.0.0 version. Once it will be done please contact us and we'll consider your site's upgrade service.

    Thanks for your interest in our software products!
  7. carsinyankee

    carsinyankee New Member

    @Andrew_G. Thanks for you response always

    Our business is just starting and I think we should start with the 4.0 version of the software, its about 95% of what we want, little tweaking will be done. I have tried the new software on my local host, what I got after installation is a bit different from the demo!!! I have also posted about 5 cars but nothing came up!!! (please see attached) is there anything I missed? Kindly advice
  8. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hi @carsinyankee ,

    If your business is just starting then you should start with the 4.0 version of the software. Core, Autos package and Cars template have already been released and you can download it.

    What about incorrect working of the Cars template, it's really difficult to determine the reason by this screenshot. Please submit the ticket in our HelpDesk system and me or my colleagues will help you asap.

  9. carsinyankee

    carsinyankee New Member


    Okay thanks, I will submit a ticket soon. Appreciate your response always
  10. carsinyankee

    carsinyankee New Member


    I finally fixed it...I think I was using version old version to install the new version.

    Thanks for response always
  11. carsinyankee

    carsinyankee New Member


    I have fixed the issues now, thanks for offering your assistance.

    I want to ask, can I export my cars listing on my old website and import it to the new website? any way?
  12. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Greetings @carsinyankee ,

    Yes, structure of the `{prefix}autos` table has not been changed (from 3.3.5 to 4.0), that's why you can export your autos table from the old site and import it to your new site.

    NOTE. Don't forget to change prefix of the table (3.3.5 version has one table prefix, for example, 'sbr335_' and 4.0 version has another table prefix, for example, 'sbr400_').

    You're always welcome.
  13. carsinyankee

    carsinyankee New Member

    I will try it out.

    thanks for your support
  14. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Glad to help you, @carsinyankee .

    Ask in case you have any questions.

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