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    Make sure you have the following before you link your device for your Hulu® account:
    Your device is connected to an active high-speed online connection.
    Verify that your product supports Hulu service.
    Link to Your Hulu Account
    About the provided remote controller, press the HOME button.
    Select the Video, Apps, or Applications icon.
    Select the Hulu icon, then press the ENTER button.
    Depending on the device, you can sign into your Hulu account directly on your device, or on your personal computer or tabletcomputer.
    On device or on the Internet
    Select the method You'd like to use to sign up for your account:
    Signal in on device.
    On device signal in
    In the Hulu app, you will understand the Device Activation code.
    In your computer, visit and sign in, if prompted.

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