HybridAuth not logging in.

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  1. When clicking on 'Hybridauth', the page is sent to the hybridauth folder with the following error:

    Open Source Social Sign On PHP Library.

    I have created a facebook app.
    I filled the id and secret key portion in the Hybridauth extension. for the facebook option.

    What am I missing?
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    I suppose this might be related to your APP in facebook. Please follow the instructions from HybridAuth official page how to setup an application. We use the same code on subrion.org and it's working fine for us.

    You might need to provide your FTP & admin panel details as well as guarantee you configured the app correctly. In this case we can check your installation.

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  3. Wow! All this time passed. I was so busy trying to make it work to prove to myself I can do this. I failed.
    Hybrid Auth directions don't follow a pattern I can understand.

    I don't have any scripts other than the plugin.
    I have no idea what sourceforge is talking about.
    What is the purpose of having a plugin if we 'users' have' to read sourceforge and be treated as 'programmers'?

    Submitting a ticket to helpdesk for you.
  4. I have waited for months. No answer. Then I get an answer to ask me if I still want to work on the issue.
    So, I answer yes and you guys close my ticket.

    I re-opened my ticket since it was not resolved.
    Regarding ticket ##LCU-700-82922
    I updated the original HOWTO instructions so it reflects whats in this post.
    • Do not add HybridAuth to any menu, in Subrion.
    • When users login, they do not use the login fields, they just click on 'Connect With Facebook'
    • This will immediately send the user to the OAUTH page on FACEBOOK.
    • This resolves the issues of clicking on a login link that gives sourceforge server errors.
    The basic fix, was to make the redirect url from FB developer site go to the index / config page in subrion. I used the same website http://projectashenfire.org/home/subrion as the redirect url.

    I typed it in again and added a forward slash at the end. I did not remove them one by one to test which works, I left them alone.

    The second part of the fix was to remove the permissions that I was getting the error from; as noticed in my earlier posts.

    Editing Facebook.php in the cms/subrion/plugins/hybridauth/includes/Hybrid/Providers
    folder to remove the offending permissions and then copying the new file to my server
    fixed the problem.

    Offending lines:
    read_stream, read_friendlists
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