Improving Adsense Blocks Placement

Discussion in 'Article Script / Article Directory Script' started by marcolav, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. marcolav

    marcolav New Member


    i would like to suggest to add new positions for blocks that can be used for better placement of Adsense or other ads:

    1) where currently is located 'picture' in each article
    2) same level but opposite side, i.e. all the way to the right
    3) inside content, to the left or right, about in the middle of article, with content wrapped around


  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Welcome to our support forums, Marco

    We will think how this can be implemented. AFAIK there are no technical problems with this and this could be a real improvement to our articles package. We will try to implement this feature in our next package version.

    Thanks for the request.
  3. dsimms

    dsimms New Member

    The most successful article directory to use google ads is obviously ezinearticles...and I am sure they have their setup optimized for best use. If you are going to setup ads, then you should do it fairly similar to how ezinearticles has theirs setup, and ezine
    has ads just about everywhere around their articles...although, i would not recommend this if you are just starting off,
    ads can also be a real turn off, and you would need a lot of traffic to get past that google ad stigma...I am not a
    google ad person myself because google ads looks so generic, but I know google ads make money for some.

    Of course not everyone can use google ads, so it should be open to use
    any type of ad code from other ad networks.

    from what I can tell on each ezine article, they have 5+ google ads, and they
    do allow 3 ad types per page, and they also have 2 chika ads.
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  4. marcolav

    marcolav New Member


    I was mentioning Google Adsense for ease of reference, as it is the most common amongst publishers, however once there is the ability to place HTML or javascript snippets in strategic locations (refer to Adsense Heatmaps) nothing will prevent users from placing OpenX code or whatever ad code they want to use there?

    Also, EzineArticles is a Premium Publisher with Google and as such they can place 6 CUSTOM Adsense Blocks , we normal publishers are restricted to 3.. :D

    Having said that, Vasily, can you tell us when this option will be available?:)

  5. dsimms

    dsimms New Member

    Interesting...I guess 6 slots on a page is not enough for them,
    maybe that is why they use a secondary ad network also.

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