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    I am using Subrion and I am trying to install the auto package that I paid for. I upload it to the server and unzip it and see the folder in my FTP program. However, when I go to extensions/packages, I can see the package but there is no install button.
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    I have the same issue. When l download subrion csm 4.1.4 , packages map was missing in it. I added pictures about them. Did you resolve it?

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    Installations of package instruction should be updated with this new version 4.1. Here is the solution who has problem with the installation of packages;
    1- When you make a fresh istallation of 4.1.x, admin page way is changing. The new way to admin page is
    2- When you will install a package, download it from your profile page under the purchased in .
    3- Unzip the file and uploud the only autos (any package) map into the /modules map (see the attached picture)
    4- Clear the cache im the admin panel.
    5- Go to Packages in the Extensions menu. There you will see autos package and install button. If you still dont see it there, cleare the cahce one more time.
    6- Install the package and then install the template. You done... I hope it helps..

    Check this for more information.. Here

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