Installation of Quicktime 7.x for Internet Explorer 8

Discussion in 'Installation & Upgrades' started by yousaaf, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. yousaaf

    yousaaf New Member

    I cannot find information on installing Quicktime player for IE 8. I have downloaded the QT installer, ran it OK, but there is no listing of QT in the list of add-ins. I like Quicktime and would like it to work with IE 8. Any suggestions?
  2. Sarwar

    Sarwar New Member

    Hi Yousaaf, you need to resolve error code 2041 by uninstalling the QuickTime player. It may occur that some vital registry data may get harm without any intimation, so you should re-install it because this will arrange all files to the beginning stage and you can play your videos without any problem. Check for more methods to learn about. If it doesn't work then by downloading codecs for QuickTime you can sort out this error. In such a situation your video will not be shown and you can only hear the sound. But when the audio codec is unsupported then the only image will pop up without sound. Here you need to download significant codecs from the official website and then re-run the QuickTime application.

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