Is SEO is good or Bad?

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    Thousands of people ask me "Laurie is SEO is good or bad?

    I answered them, SEO is just like our School examination. The more effectively, clearly and efficiently we do, the more benefits we get (regarding marks). And if we copy from others then very quickly we are going to out of the list.

    Same things Google do with us. If we copied content from other sites. Then the first thing will happen with us is, DMC will be fired against us, and it may be possible Google will blacklist us from the search results.

    So the simple steps to boost up your ranking on Google:

    1. No matter how attractive is your website, You must have unique content on your site.
    2. Try to make quality content.
    3. Use images with the material.
    4. It's useful if you are using some pie chart with your content.

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