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Discussion in 'Subrion Open Source CMS Core' started by Helang_IT, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I attempted to upload an image obtained from (Royalty Free photos) to use as a title Blog image. The original image is here:

    After downloading this jpg image from Pexels, the size of this image was 4.54Mb at a rather hefty 7360 x 4912 pixels. I tried to upload this to my site in the "Image" field of the "Add blog item" page:


    Upon submitting the image, the browser information bar showed "uploading xx%" up to 100%. But then I was just taken to a blank page. The new Blog item was not published and did not show in the Blog List as either an active or inactive page. I tried this several times without success - the annoying part being that each time I had to retype the page in its entirety.

    Eventually, I imported the image into "Paint" and resized it to 1280 x 854 (keeing the aspect ratio the same) and saved it as a .png file. This fits within the maximum Image width defined in the Blog Settings (below).


    Uploading this smaller file (2.15Mb) in png format did the trick and it was published normally. I noticed that it placed a watermark in the bottom right corner, (which I ultimately turned off).

    For me the issue is resolved and as this is now a live site, I am reluctant to exhaustively test all the various permutations of image size, format and watermarks, but I am wondering if you can reproduce the issue?

    Maybe there is an error in the parsing or resizing of jpg formats, or embedding the watermark, or a maximum file size or pixel size that isn't being caught by an error handler?

    <edit> Whilst writing, would it not be a good idea to permit installing images from the "Upload" folder on the server? The only option given is to "upload" a new file, not to use an existing file already on the server. </edit>
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    Yes, it's a known issue. The library we use for image resizing (phpImageWorkshop) is greedy in terms of memory usage. So when you upload a very high resolution images it might show a blank white page :( This is a challenge to be solved for us, as we like the library and the features it offers on one hand, but not happy with the memory usage on another hand.
    Right now we have an easy solution to change phpImageWorkshop to Zebra_Image, it's a bit limited in terms of features but processes larger files easily.

    Please submit a ticket with the reference to this topic and we will assist.


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