KickStart - One Page CSS Error

Discussion in 'Subrion CMS Templates' started by aidenterangaming, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. aidenterangaming

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  2. Gleb_S.

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    Hello @aidenterangaming !

    You will need to add a class to your table, say `my-perfect-table` and then add custom CSS cstyles to [root]/templates/kickstart/css/user-style.css
    In your user-style.css add something like this:

    Code (CSS):
    .my-perfect-table {
      border-collapse: separate;
      padding: 10px;
  3. gerick

    gerick New Member

    i have the same problem.
    i just want to change a block, not all template...
    any clue?

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