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    Hi all,

    I read the information on templates in Subrion and I have a question. I am using the default Kickstart template for a website I am creating. A great responsive template BUT for a specific new page I created I would like to use a custom template file instead of the default.

    I can see Kickstart is using the layout.tpl file so not a header/footer construction.
    So my question is: is it possible, having the layout.tpl construction, to create a custom template for a (1) Page or do I have to change the layout.tpl file for this meaning *all* pages will be effected? If it is possible then how should the custom template file structure be created?

    What am I trying to achieve? For most Pages it is OK to have the page title default visible in the pages but for one or more pages I would not like to see the page title in the body. I need a layout.tpl file for this that does not show the page title.

    I did figure out what to comment out (or remove) to get this result however since it is layout.tpl this effects all pages so I would like to use a custom template for this. BUT when I make a copy of layout.tpl, make the needed change and rename it for use as custom template in Page the whole CSS is 'broken'. If somebody could shed some light on this I'd be much obliged.

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