Launch Your Own NFT Gaming Platform Like Axie Infinity

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    Axie Infinity Clone Script

    Axie Infinity Clone Script is a decentralized, properly tested, and error-free source code that lets anyone launch their own NFT based gaming platform like Axie Infinity. This Axie Infinity Clone Script is also developed & deployed with in-game features such as battle, breed, axie, land, and more through which players can earn NFTs.

    Specification of Bitdeal's Axie Clone Script

    Latest Version: Axie Infinity Clone Script (Updated in August 2021)
    Script Type: NFT Gaming Marketplace
    Blockchain: Ethereum (Based on your requirement)
    APIs: Gaming APIs along with Security APIs.
    Features Inherited: Battle, Breed, Land, Marketplace, and more (Customizable)

    Features of Our Axie Clone Script

    Axie Breeding
    Native Tokens

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