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  1. Boue

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    Using latest core and YP module.

    Is it possible to specify the meta description for each location?

    At the moment the meta description for each location is is the same. It is the meta description for the location page.

    This means that a city or area guide or similar, which should be all about locations, has duplicate meta descriptions for every location, which aren't relevant to the locations. This will negatively impact the location based SEO.

    How do I have a custom meta description for each location.
  2. Dayir_A.

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    Hello @Boue,

    We have recently received the same request and created an issue in our bugtracker: https://projects.intelliants.com/intelliants/yellowpages/issues/64
    This issue will be resolved and released in the upcoming releases of YP.
    For now you can apply the fix manually by adding field for locations item in admin panel and adding this line of code in /modules/yellowpages/location.php file:
    $iaView->set('description', $location['location_meta_description']);
    name of the field should be: location_meta_description

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