Looking for a recommendation for a CMS for a home project

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    I have a HTML/CSS/JS page I've made. What I want to do is use that (and variations of it) for a template for a CMS.

    What I'd want to be able to do with the CMS is make pages based on the templates, and generate listings (paginated) and probably navigation.

    What would be really nice is if I could write the page content (For the specific sections of the page) in markdown.

    It must be PHP based, and must have a UI for adding pages/content

    Would be Nice: If it supported flat file for the page storage.

    The primary one I've been looking at is CouchCMS. The only downside is that uses a database and isn't flat file. I've looked through the selfhosted list, but I can't seem to find one that works how I'd hope.

    Some come close, and others which aren't listed may be close as well (another I looked at was Grav). I'm just looking for last minute recommendations before I pull the trigger on CouchCMS.

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