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  1. crau

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    Is there anyway we can delay the send mail option.It seems some servers have a limit on email sending when a user registers .Because of that limit some users never gets the confirmation emails after registering.
    I belive a counter of the last time the mail was sent and a cronjob for the delayed emails will be enought but i dont have the knowhow on subrion so i m lost.
  2. Dayir_A.

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    Hello @crau,

    Unfortunately there is no way to achieve this in our script.
    However, I can suggest is to use Mailgun mail sending service. They have statistics: which emails are sent, how many of them are delivered etc.
    Free plan has limitation, I guess, for 10k emails, which is quite enough.
    To integrate MailGun with Subrion please use these instructions:

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