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Discussion in 'Installation & Upgrades' started by pabform, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. pabform

    pabform New Member

    I don't understand how to make for select a menu. I've try with a lot of method but nothing. Where I must allocate the new menu? I want it in the inventory space but it's impossible. Thanks
  2. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    I can help you...
    You can move any existing way to the Inventory position existing in template. Follow the steps.
    Main menu moved to Inventory position.



    If you want a new menu in the Inventory position of the template. Follow these steps.
    New Menu


    2- Drag pages into the new menu



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  3. pabform

    pabform New Member

    Thanks for the post, I have make in another way for the mainmenu, I have try in many way and now the menu is ok in the place of the mainmenu. The new one I've make it following the same way, now it's all right, I'm working in two portal-blog and it be difficoult for me because my english is not so good. Anyway now I'm making the pages with the correct links, then I start to open the site. Blog it's for the users too, for their comments, because I've not find on subrion some control for the comments. Also the mail service, is not clear for me, I will make a form with labels and textarea but I have'nt understand how the mail work. Maybe with a plugin....thanks anyway.
  4. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    You can do this:
    Comments for individual blogs / news
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  5. pabform

    pabform New Member

    Thanks Greg

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