Major Private Renewable Energy Firms in Uttar Pradesh

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    Uttar Pradesh, fall-in top 10 renewable energy states with largest consumed capacity and highest solar power innovations and services. Thus, hold the major private registered firms that straightly deal in solar power installation in Kanpur and other cities.

    Check the top five private flagship renewable energy firms in Uttar Pradesh.

    1. Om Solar Solutions - ISO Certified Company

    Om Solar is a leading name in the field of making Ecosystems friendly and bringing green energy from the sun. They are the leading solar company in Lucknow and have contributed since 2016 into the solar solution industry.

    1. PhotonVent Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd

    PhotonVent Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2015 is an innovative and highly technical enterprise with focus on tapping the inexhaustible Solar Energy to provide constructive and Innovative practical solar energy solutions for an evolving marketplace and to empower mankind.

    1. Shiv Green Solar System Pvt. Ltd

    The company was incorporated in the year 2000 with the primary objective of providing reliable solar panel installation services to India. Shiv Green Solar System Pvt.Ltd provides complete solar solutions with their latest and most modern technology adapted features

    1. Beam Solar Pvt. Ltd

    Beam Solar Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2015 to make clean, reliable solar energy in everyone's reach. At Beam Solar, their mission is to protect the environment by sustainable production of clean energy

    1. VASA Enterprises

    VASA Enterprises is a dynamic, result oriented & influential service provider & distribution expert for solar which provides a large distributor network & even large customer base.

    That’s all…! Contact one of them if you’re thinking to invest in solar or looking for installation.

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