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  1. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    It's been around two months since our latest core release. So it's the right time for our another release. Meet Subrion 3.1.8! It's compatible with the plugins version and mainly includes bugfixes for known issues.

    • Bug #1616: Collapsed state for fieldgroups
    • Bug #1618: Review all existing templates
    • Bug #1621: HTML output is not properly sanitized
    • Bug #1626: Resolve some W3C errors
    • Bug #1636: Admin Panel: wrong template configuration link
    • Bug #1637: Stay on the same page when switching language
    • Bug #1638: DropDown field type
    • Bug #1645: Thumbnail default size option doesn't work
    • Bug #1664: Improve debug functions
    • Bug #1676: There is no way to look through the view entry page of any plugin if plugin's index page is set as Home page
    • Bug #1680: Account balance increased twice
    • Bug #1687: Getting error after set 'Searchable' field's value to ON for any company field
    • Bug #1715: Inconsistent values for IA_SELF
    • Bug #1718: There is now way to show 401 error (UNAUTHORIZED) with error message
    • Feature #80: Default collapsed state
    • Feature #1622: Add preview icon for templates in PNG format
    • Feature #1633: Allow adding classnames for menu blocks
    • Feature #1634: Add new hooks
    • Feature #1641: Add styles for CKEditor
    • Feature #1642: New skin for CKEditor
    • Feature #1668: Add max length attribute to field-type-content-manage.tpl
    You can see the details here:

    Auto patch is also available. And don't forget to make backups of your version before applying the patch.

    Contact us if you have any questions. Thanks!
  2. onlineworkservices

    onlineworkservices New Member

    Hello, when 3.2.0 will release?
    Since it will resolve major issues...waiting for its launch very desperately!

    Currently have User Permission Issue On Site....Now Its Also Occurred For Balance Section Of Members Area! Members Now Can Not See Their Balances!

    Hopping To See Its In Action!

    Can You Please Let Us, How Many Days It Might Take!
  3. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    Thanks for asking. Yes, our 3.2.0 version already has a couple of issue fixed, new features added, and overall it's stable and it could be released today. Anyhow, we have one more feature to be implemented (it's divided into several small issues in tracker) - that's Improved Visual Mode. Once it's completed we can pack the new version and create a patch for it. Please note it's a major version update and there will be many files changes.
    We changed a structure of our extensions and it's one of the main reasons we cannot release it now. We are working on our websites redesign and we've completed a new version of website. Now working on

    I think you can get the new 3.2.0 version in September, anyhow no promises. Sorry.
  4. onlineworkservices

    onlineworkservices New Member

    Thanks For Reply!
    As Roadmap Says It Will Release On 29th Sep. And Issue Which I Am Facing Is Very Major.

    Issue :: Users Can Not Access Extra Pages + Balance Section.
    As For Extra Pages .. I Created Another One. But For Balance Page!

    Can You Provide Simple Guidelines To Sort This Out?

    Issue Explaination ::
    When User Click On My Balance link ... Link Redirect To Homepage(Must Be Same Permission Issue!)

    Raised Ticket Too :: #IMF-400-47438.

    Because Of This, Whole Website Is Down! Members Keep Complaining!

    Even I Re install The CMS ... If Faces Same Issue Again ... It Will Be West Of Time!

    Just Tell Me Quick Fix...How to allow members to visit balance page again!

    you can also check on my website - 'My Wallet' Represents 'Balance'.

    Waiting For Your Reply!

    Have A Wonderful Day!
    Thank You!

  5. rohit701

    rohit701 New Member

    Subrion 3.1.8 requires the mod_rewrite module to run properly.
  6. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hello @onlineworkservices ,

    As I know your problem has been solved via HelpDesk system.


    Hi @Rohit ,
    Yes, you are absolutely right, Subrion CMS requires the mod_rewrite module to run properly.

    Thanks for choosing our software products!

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