Meet Subrion CMS 3.3.5!

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    One month has passed and yet it's been a busy month (yeah, we had a great time at the lake) we managed to prepare a cool version for you with a plenty of changes. Here they are:

    Here is the link to the details for each issue:

    We've released a patch version, so you can upgrade your system. Plugins, templates and packages are compatible with 3.3.4 version so everything should work fine. Anyhow, we recommend to perform full backup before upgrading your system.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    P.S. All our demos ( ) have been updated to the new core version - 3.3.5 using the default auto patch applier. Everything went smoothly.

    P.P.S Our highly customized websites, were also upgraded easily using auto patch applier. You should not have any problems with the upgrade.
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