Meet Subrion Web Directory 3.0.0

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    We are happy to announce the update of web directory script available for Subrion CMS core 3.0.
    Here is the changelog:

    Bug #631: Refactor the package code
    Bug #730: Get rid of obsolete images
    Bug #731: Sitemap generated incorrectly
    Bug #752: E-mail notifications don't work
    Bug #801: Importing categories: no need to repair structure
    Bug #852: Use websnapr instead of
    Bug #954: Category num_listings is not recounted after listing submissions
    Bug #977: Fix and refactor listings recount functions
    Feature #288: Adapt esyndicat categories dumps
    Feature #735: Add "Latest Listings" block to a home page
    Feature #744: Alexa rank displaying
    Feature #778: Add an option to configure listings amount displaying

    You can see the demo here:
    Web Directory Script

    Please ask if you have any questions.


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