Menu (4.2.1) - not showing after moving the order

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  1. bez

    bez New Member

    Hi, I moved the order in the menu and now the menu is not showing on the website page, I have not changed any default settings. Please advise. PS I have experienced a few issues in the new version when editing text or moving things.

  2. Dayir_A.

    Dayir_A. Staff Member

    Hello Tony,

    I have tried to reproduce the issue you've reported but with no success.
    Could you please describe your issue in more details:
    What template do you use
    What is the name of the menu you changed the order?

  3. anshrestha

    anshrestha New Member

    I installed contact us plugin , and try to added on my main menu. After I added and saved it. All menu were disappeared and only sign in and sign up button are remained on main menu.
    It was happened with kickstart template and now business card template as well. you can see the yellow marked place before there was menus.

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  4. anshrestha

    anshrestha New Member

    settings on dashboard and preview on website on attachments in my case.

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  5. rihaankhan

    rihaankhan Banned

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  6. PsychoFish

    PsychoFish New Member

    Hello, I have the same problem and I noticed that in the option "position in template" only the options "very top" and "left" appear and it does not show the other options, I am having the same problem in the blocks, thanks for the attention!

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  7. JakubGi

    JakubGi New Member

    The same problem! :(
  8. CKENT

    CKENT New Member

    Same issue here. I think it has something to do with the template option to sticky the navbar.
  9. CKENT

    CKENT New Member

    Never mind, found the problem. Going into phpadmin and changing the value for position from "verytop" to "mainmenu" will resolve the issue temporarily. I will try to make an actual fix for it since they are not responding.
  10. CKENT

    CKENT New Member

    Ok, so for some reason on a fresh install of v 4.2.1 the proper positions dont show, so when you save a menu the first time it defaults to verytop as mainmenu is not there. Go to manage templates, on the template you are using click the three dots in the right hand corner and say reinstall template. Then go into the menu change something, make sure the drop down for position is mainmenu. Save. It should be there still. So far its working for me.

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