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    If you ever wanted to lojack anything this little device here is for you what's going on guys thanks for coming back checking on the video I'm gonna do a little product review on this Mini GPS Tracker G LTE GPS mini tracker okay so basically what this guy right here what you can do is you can pretty much stick it anywhere you want in anything and track it with an app on your phone okay they'll give you live up-to-date track you know where this thing's at so like if you want to track a person if you want to track like your kids or teenagers driving some luggage pretty much anything that moves you can you can stick this where it needs to go.

    Basically like if you got teenagers driving or anything like that you can the app will actually give you the ability to look and see how fast it's going you can set limits on how fast that person's driving like you can set it on like miles per hour and it will notify you through text email and push notifications if you want that that person is going over the limit alright so that's pretty cool you got teenagers and you don't want to drive in a million miles an hour the other feature is that it actually records up to like days with the trips you know so you can actually go back and see you know how your kids are driving and where they're driving and out farther grab your thing the app also


    Lets you do what's called geo fencing basically the app works with Google Maps and it gives you a map like Google Maps and Mini GPS Tracker you can basically go in the app and draw in like an area where you don't want your kids to drive at it or you don't want them to drive into a notification you know that notification don't notify you if they drive in a location same thing text email or push notification or all three or just one of whatever it's pretty cool now another thing is like one of the main like things I can think of to come up why you'd want to use this is you know the teenager thing kids driving but the other thing is like if you need to know where someone's going you're like one of your like your girlfriend or Anna because been kind of be a sneaky eye and find out if they're doing stuff like back you can basically use this to find out where they're going you pretty much get lojack.

    Somebody and AM crest actually sells this water waterproof case these magnets on it that are made to go underneath your car and the six waterproof up to one meter so just basically stick it in screw down the cap this thing's super waterproof you just run to the car and you can just stick it in the wheel well stick it under the car ailing metal these magnets are really good they're really really strong I'm surprised how small I usually are can basically track something the battery in this thing lasts for days so you can track up for days the app will notify you if the battery is getting low the app will notify you if if the Chargers done to it so it pretty much would notify you it doesn't make any noise so you can actually stick in like somewhere in the back of the car or something like that like me myself I'd probably use it because I got little kids and I didn't throw it like in their backpack or something like my kids got a daycare.
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