Multi Dealer in Auto Classifieds

Discussion in 'Auto Classifieds Script' started by maggio, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. maggio

    maggio New Member

    Hi my friends,

    I have to admin a car-dealers portal.
    For that reason I have to ask if your script supports multi-dealers.
    I only need that in the frontpage the scripts shows all cars and a link to every dealers separately (a link with words or an icon)
    Even if the scripts can add a "dealer" field in the car-search form.

    Thank's for your work, looks easy and powerful.


  2. dstemper

    dstemper Member


    Good timing as it is supposed to be released tonight. I cannot answer any questions for you regarding the Auto Classifieds package, but someone from the Subrion team will definately be able to answer the question for you.

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