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    Finally released the package guys. Please note it is for Subrion 2.3.5.

    There is a lot more to come!

    This is the first release ill add a list of whats coming for the next release shortly.

    Hopefully the package will be available from the downloads section once the Subrion team has time to review it.

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    Just to let you know i am also working on license automation for use within the package. This will allow for time based trials of the package.

    Also have a massive recipes database I am currently working on at last count i think there was around 60,000.

    Working on import script (Still). Csv import, Master Meals and RecipeML formats (Please post any other formats you know of and ill try add them too).

    This is a work in progress. Meal masters part is almost complete. This will basically give you access to possably millions of recipes)

    The package is fully hrecipe compliant (Google Rich Snippets)

    More to come....
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    The Subrion Team has activated the package and is now available for purchase from the downloads section.

    Downloads Area
    My Recipe Package

    And the frontend demo is here.
    MyRecipe Demo Frontend

    Admin Demo will be available shortly.
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    Just an update guys. Have been working an a Celebrity Chef Plugin for the Myrecipe Package.

    Celebrity Chef Biography and Carousel.

    First version is almost complete. At them moment it is mostly hard coded (mainly javascript based.)

    Once I have everything working as expected i will be adding everything to the database.

    What does the plugin do....

    Well basically i have added a Celebrity Chef page.

    On this page lists celebrity chefs.

    Clicking on the celebrity chef will take yo to the Chefs Biography page.

    On the biography page i have added Widgets for Recipe Book releases by these chefs.

    Amazon puts a limit on how many items can be placed in a carousel. I have managed to get around the limit by randomizing the output. So therefore on each page load if there are more that 10 items it will display 10 items at random.

    At the moment there are only 5 Celebrity chefs. I quickly realized that i do need this to be database driven as to be honest i did not realize how many famous chefs there are out there:D

    Here`s a couple of screen shots

    Celebrity Chefs (Slider Blocks)


    Celebrity Chefs (Normal Block)

    Celebrity Chefs (Normal Blocks)

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