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  1. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    It's been a while since our last release and finally we have some good results to show :) Please check the new version of our web directory script. It comes with the new template, refactored code, reviewed options, and major improvements.

    Please check and let us know if you have any ideas how to improve it.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. VioletB

    VioletB New Member

    Very exciting! I'm a fairly new user - I recently bought a license of the current/previous release of Web Directory and am building my own directory. So, I hope it's still OK for me to comment as a fairly new user. I know I don't have anywhere near as much experience here as most others on the forum. But I'm currently building my own directory site and taking a great interest in all new developments in Web Directory.

    My initial thoughts are:
    1. LOVE the helpful info on the left sidebar. It's a really nice improvement to have this info handy for all users. However, I would prefer if left sidebar didn't disappear on mobile view but was instead re-arranged somewhere else. If it does go somewhere else, I couldn't find it.

    2. The new Search Bar location is great - I enjoy the much easier and more obvious way the regular search is usable.

    3. Search Bar vs Refine Search - in your demo, search bar results for the keyword "PHP" in directory gives just one result (where it is in the title of the listing). Doing the same search on refine search gives more than one result (where it's in title or description). I feel it may be better if regular search bar worked on description keywords also. It's better if users get too many results from standard search and then they can use refine search to narrow down if needed. In fact this is something which I've noticed in the current release too, not just the new version.

    4. The new directory theme Bazarrr is very modern and I absolutely love the tiled effect of the directory entries - so much easier to see at a glance than the current version, and eliminates a lot of extra scrolling for the end-user. An incredible improvement. However, I would also like the option to have larger boxes with 2 columns instead of 3, and perhaps to have a "friendlier" or less formal overall look for those of us who are building directories in non-business or non-tech fields. For example still using the tiled layout of directory entries, but with fonts/backgrounds/overall-look of Kurut or Forest themes.

    5. Are there really 1,650 categories in the demo site like the stats mentioned? That's great, but only 16 categories were actually listed under "Directory categories". Am I missing something, or do not all categories get listed?

    6. Great ease of usability of site. Very easy to navigate and for users to understand. Great work thanks!

    These are just my own personal thoughts and I totally realize that many others have far greater expertise than myself as admins of a directory site. So of course, feel free to ignore any of my comments.

    Thanks for all the work putting together a great new version and for seeking input from the community!
  3. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi @VioletB

    Thanks for your points. They indeed help.

    #1. Thanks. This is the content you can create in admin dashboard using Blocks section. We decided to add it in the default directory template as well.

    #2. Thanks.

    #3. Fixed. The core search didn't consider description text. Now it does.

    #4. We also had a hot discussion regarding point #4. We have a split opinion. Could you please clarify what you exactly mean?
    1. Keep the same tiled layout of directory entries and make less formal template look with more fancy fonts, graphics, and colors in the style of forest & kurut templates?
    2. Apply the design/layout of forest listing entries in this directory?

    #5. Yes, we indeed have that many categories. They are 3 levels deep, and Arts category has many children categories for example. Sidebar only displays top level categories.

    #6. Thanks.

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  4. VioletB

    VioletB New Member

    For #4, I took a little time to get my thoughts in order here. I was meaning option 1, keep tiled layout and have the option for a less formal template look like Kurut or Forest exactly as you said.

    Ideally it would be good if the admin has control over the choice of a few fonts, a few graphic options, colors etc. This means that from one default template (Bazarrr) admins can eventually opt to either make it into a more business-style or tech-oriented directory in the current Bazarrr style, OR instead opt to use the font options, footer graphics, backgrounds, colors that will generate a Kurut/Forest style of look.

    Or else another suggestion is for you to modify Kurut/Forest to incorporate tiled listings, to allow them to be used with the new directory features.

    Not sure which approach is more feasible from a dev point of view.

    I am creating a directory in a less formal field, and I do feel it would be jarring and even a little bit off-putting for my users who are listing (and for people just browsing) to see a directory that is so different in overall look from the websites it lists.

    e.g. suppose someone was making a directory of "craft tutorial websites for teachers", or "best parenting blogs" then they would certainly want a less formal look to the directory. On the other hand, I do recognize that admins in business or tech fields who want to create a more "serious" look certainly need that option too, so the current Bazarrr style should still be an option.

    That's why I feel that the Bazarrr theme could work perfectly if it was intended to be made in a reasonably customizable manner. Especially if there were, say, 6-10 fonts to choose from, a few different color options for the various graphics, and say 3 different footer colors and shapes. Footer shapes like Kurut are an absolutely incredible feature which I personally love, and from seeing that, I didn't hesitate to spend $ on web directory license, knowing it could be combined with Kurut theme and look truly amazing.

    So if admins can see before purchasing that the template has some customizable pre-sets to create different looks by changing a few things, I feel that will make web directory extra-attractive from a purchase point of view, since they can see it will truly fit their needs.

    I know there is a place for custom CSS to override the pre-sets within the current system, but if you expect people to use that mechanism alone to create customized looks, you would need to make it VERY obvious to admins how to use that to change fonts etc and what codes are for what in the CSS. Instead I think that potential buyers of web directory license will feel they will have a product that truly fits their directory requirements if they can pick from even a limited pre-set selection of fancy header fonts, backgrounds patterns, footer shapes, colors, etc to create their own unique look. I'm not sure if this is feasible from a development point of view though.

    That was possibly a lot more detail than what you might have been looking for! In brief though, I feel that keeping the tiled layout but having options for a friendlier overall style of fonts/colors/backgrounds would be very helpful. I'm not saying that it should replace the current Bazarrr look (since business/tech fields will need it) but that there should ALSO be a way to have a less formal look for admins who are running directories in other fields.
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  5. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Hey @VioletB !

    Thank you for your kind feedback and detailed response.
    We've got you covered on this! Please check this video:
    After release of Subrion 4.1 all new templates will support custom styles just like in the video.
    You will be able to change general styles for link/text colors, inventory/navbar/header/footer background colors. So it will be really easy to create fresh new look from current Bazarrr template :)

    If you have any comments or feature request on this, please tell us.
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  6. VioletB

    VioletB New Member

    Wow! Awesome! Thanks @Gleb_S . I really like it. The demo is perfect, showing exactly how the colors can be changed. I'm very impressed with the infinite color selection of each of the options - it's not just a few preset colors, admins can pick literally any color they want. Cool. And I really appreciate that the color of the footer can be changed also. This is really superb work from developers. Thank you.

    The only other things I was wondering about were:

    1) Fonts. Default body text will be fine as is for all styles of directory, but will there be documentation on how to change header fonts, either via admin interface or via well-documented custom CSS instructions? It's not necessary for every possible header, just the ones for a) sponsored/featured listing headers and directory category headers (these seem to be the same class as each other), and b) The title of the website listing inside the box, and c) Menu navbar. However, I would lean away from it being in admin interface if this will not easily support https sites - handling a bunch of fonts can be frustrating for admins of SSL sites if the fonts are not called as https - on the other hand, you will understandably need to use http as default code. Maybe it would work to add simple documentation of how to change header fonts in CSS would be ideal (either on Subrion tutorials with an actual example shown where admins can just substitute whatever other font they want to use) or similar documentation in README with package. This will let admins know how to do it straight away without having to ask on forums or helpdesk etc.

    2). Width of boxes. I feel that the boxes are a little bit small compared to the length of the titles of the websites that are listed. This is particularly an issue in the "recently added" block which is 4 columns wide, but even the 3-column wide listings and the right sidebar have titles truncated, especially in the average laptop view or a not-super-wide desktop browser window. If the titles are truncated, site admins and site users might not like it so much when listing their websites, and potential featured-listing buyers might be less inclined to purchase a featured or sponsored listing. This is less of an issue in business/tech fields where site listing names tend to be short and snappy 1-word or 2-word titles, but more of a problem in less formal fields where site listings might be titled something like "Carine's crafting corner" or "The helpful homeschooling mama", etc. I'm not sure if there's a convenient way around that issue. Ideally it could be solved if the site admin was able to pick between 2-column grid and 3-column grid as default, but I imagine that could become unnecessarily complicated for devs to code. If this is not really feasible or you think it would not look good, then the option for admin to decrease font size of site listing titles (e.g via custom CSS) will make more letters fit in the space provided, and this could be a way get around the problem.

    3). Sponsored and featured listings - could they have the option to stand out just a little bit more to encourage potential buyers of sponsored and featured listings? I'm not sure exactly how, since we don't want them to look so different that the reader ignores them. I know they are positioned more prominently and I like the colored underline with the box, but I am wondering if a small frame within the box might help for sponsored and featured listings? Or perhaps an admin-defined background box color for those listings? (although I suppose that's something that admins can change via CSS without too much fuss). This is just my personal opinion so don't put too much weight on this; other admins might feel that these stand out well enough as is. Anyway this point is in my mind less of an issue than the 2 points above.

    In any case, as your Bazarrr theme currently stands it is truly amazing and it is certainly capable of creating a really wide range of "looks" from one template as seen in your step-by-step video. Amazing! The final 3 things I mentioned above could very much help admins make their site seem very welcoming to all, but the package as it currently stands is still truly wonderful. Fantastic work! Thank you.
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  7. rman

    rman New Member

    Any news about the Bazarrr theme?
    About the directory script you must know that the e-syndicat was far better.
    We don't have now any newsletters (subrion plugin don't work) for our webmasters ,clients or members.
    We can't communicate with them.
    We don't have good paypal plugin for our sponsored listings.
    We don't have good or new plugins!
    We don't have sitemap because we have 35000 listings.
    Please check these problems for your directory script.

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
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