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  1. owdir

    owdir New Member

    Hi, plz need move site url, category and page rank to tab.... i found in other post this solution,,

    Code (Text):
    {capture append='tabs_content' name='first'}
        <p>This is the first tab.</p>

    {capture append='tabs_content' name='second'}
        <p>This is the second tab.</p>
    So, i try in my view.tpl, but do not work, i get white page..

    Code (Text):
    <div class="media ia-item ia-item-view">
        {capture append='tabs_content' name='first'}
            <div class="ia-wrap clearfix">
                {if $item.featured}<span class="ia-badge ia-badge-featured" title="{lang key='featured'}"><i class="icon-star"></i></span>{/if}
                {if $item.sponsored}<span class="ia-badge ia-badge-sponsored" title="{lang key='sponsored'}"><i class="icon-dollar"></i></span>{/if}

                {if $config.directory_enable_thumbshots}
                    <div class="pull-right text-center">
                        <img src="{$item.url|escape:url}" class="media-object thumbnail js-thumbnail" data-url="{$item.url|escape:url}">
                        {if $item.rank}
                            {section name=star loop=$item.rank}<i class="icon-star icon-orange"></i> {/section}

                <div class="media-body">
    <div class="ia-item-body">{$item.description}</div>

    {capture append='tabs_content' name='second'}

    {include file='item-view-tabs.tpl' isView=true exceptions=array('title', 'url', 'reciprocal', 'description')}

                    <ul class="ia-list-items ia-list-items--left-margin">
                        <li><i class="icon-link"></i> <a href="{$item.url}" target="_blank">{$item.url|strip_tags|truncate:50:'...'}</a></li>
                        <li><i class="icon-folder-open"></i> <a href="{ia_url item='categs' data=$item type='url'}">{$item.category_title}</a></li>
                        {if $config.directory_enable_pagerank && $item.pagerank}
                            <li><i class="icon-signal"></i> {lang key='pagerank'} {$item.pagerank}</li>
                        {if $config.directory_enable_alexarank && $item.alexa_rank}
                                <i class="icon-globe"></i> {lang key='alexa_rank'}
                                <a href="{$item.domain}#">{$item.alexa_rank}</a>

    Can you help me to do do it right plz.
  2. Dayir_A.

    Dayir_A. Staff Member


    White page means that some errors occurred while executing the script. To see those errors, please edit the file /includes/ line:
    define('INTELLI_DEBUG', 0);
    //change the line above to
    define('INTELLI_DEBUG', 1);
    then you'll be able to solve issues.


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