Need helps on field output error.

Discussion in 'Subrion Open Source CMS Core' started by Kantapong, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. Kantapong

    Kantapong New Member

    Hi, I've no knowledge on programming language and I just purchased Realestate pack and tried to play with it for a while. However, the "estate type" field and the "category" fields in the quick search seem not working property. Also, in the view page, all the field didn't display properly as shown in the file below. Can you please advice?

    Screen Shot 2563-04-27 at 18.59.23.png Screen Shot 2563-04-27 at 19.05.11.png
  2. Kantapong

    Kantapong New Member

    Any help would be appreciated. Is there anyone in Subrion team available?
  3. Kantapong

    Kantapong New Member

    I think I just wasted $199 on buying the module. Seem like Subrion don't do customer support.

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