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  1. contacto.bitcard

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    Hello, after creating any content I can not deploy the page with the created content, instead it shows error 404, in the admin panel I can see everything correctly but I noticed that at the moment of adding the title, this does not load the link with The one that will be registered, it is as if it does not assign a page .....
    Download the latest version that brings the github instalation but I still do not make it work, who else happens or has the solution?
  2. Vasily_B.

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    Apologizes for the delay with reply. Double checked that in our default core system. Working fine for us.
    If you still have any issues in 4.1.2 version, please submit a ticket to helpdesk and we will take of your request.

  3. contacto.bitcard

    contacto.bitcard New Member

    Hello, thank you very much for your reply, no matter the time, well I've been problem updating to 4.1.2, I can not get it to work correctly is the Blogroll block since this does not show the image of the listed blog, this problem comes From 4.1, check the tpl file corresponding to the block and in the code if the call is made to the image, but neither with the debug mode I know where the error is.

    If you know something I would appreciate it!

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