plugin Contact does not work for me

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  1. arief.k99

    arief.k99 New Member

    Hello, plugin Contact does not work for me .... apparently all right , but do not receive any mail anywhere ... or notifications in the admin panel ....

    thank you..
  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    I believe it might be related to a restrictive email servers. Do you use SMTP to send emails? It's the recommended way to configure your email sending.
    Please make sure the details are correct.

  3. saviofernandes

    saviofernandes New Member

    Check the plugin settings > Sending Method > change the lines from "Wp-mail" to "Mail" and vice versa.
    Email messages can be marked as spam on your server. Please choose another email instead of the admin address. For example, ShowBox your personal Gmail. You can change it in the "Use this email" block. If the message is sent, it means that email filtering is set on your server. Mobdro
    Install and configure SMTP plugin. Nox
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