Plugin Events - Does not save the event site.

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  1. olairmarcos

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    Plugin Events - Does not save the event site.
    When you save the event log on the site, does not save the event. a white screen is displayed.

    Subrion: 4:05
    Plugin Events: 4.0.1
  2. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    The problem comes when loading large images for the event (exemple:. 4,55mb = 4608x3072 px does not load)
    1024px smaller images (600Kb) is loaded normally.
    It will be important to have a message warning about the very large image, a way to set a maximum size for the image in the plugin configuration.

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  3. Eleanna

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    Indeed, we experienced this yesterday. As soon as an image goes over 1024px, the system hangs and the event is not saved. So, as an emergency solution, I would suggest to put a note next to the "image" label, stating "max size 1024px" or something like that. Maybe one of the support staff could tell us how to accomplish this?
  4. Dayir_A.

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    Hello @Eleanna and @olairmarcos,

    Issue is related to PHP memory limit, if you have no limit on your server, then it'll be able to process images with any resolution.
    So the maximum size of image that can be processed can vary on server configuration.

  5. Eleanna

    Eleanna Member

    ok, but if we have a limit on the server we have a problem and it would be customer friendly to be able to tell them what the maximum size of the image can be. How do we put such a note next to the "image" label?
  6. Dayir_A.

    Dayir_A. Staff Member


    If you want to add some static message (f.e. Image can't be lar

    <label class="col col-lg-2 control-label" for="input-image">{lang key='image'}</label>
    We already have a report in our todolist, you can track it here

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