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Discussion in 'Subrion CMS Plugins Discussion' started by placi4subrion, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. placi4subrion

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    Hi Vasily,

    I just thought of making a suggestion to you regarding the availability of the plugins when a customer purchases a new script (or rather a new customer purchases a script).

    When I purchased the script I was under the impression that I could finish the upload/install within an hour or so (Because I am very much familiar with the eSyndiCat script and the procedures). Naturally I expected the same with Subrion. But, unfortunately there is a little bit of disarrangement of the plugins/core version download.

    When you update plugins, you should maintain them in a different folder if they are not compatible with the previous version. DO NOT delete the older versions of plugins until that particular core version is obsolete.

    At present, you offer core versions 1.0 and 1.1.
    But some plugins made for ver.1.0 are no longer available. This way we can not have a complete install of the script.

    If you had maintained plugins separately for different versions (until the older versions become obsolete) I would have been able to install at least the core version 1.0 with all the available plugins for ver.1.0. Then later I will be able to upgrade to core ver1.1 with all plugins for ver.1.1.

    Otherwise a paid customer is left with only with the core installation, just like what has happened to me now.

    Hope you understand the my situation and suggestion.

    Also I take this opportunity to mention that the Control Panel for customer download is much better compared to eSynDicat. I like the new setup here.

    Looking forward to use more Subrion Products in the future.

  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    The old plugins has not been removed from, but it is impossible to download old plugins now. We are working to implement this.

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