Plugin to limit page access, show all admin picture album in Album Gallery and document viewing

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    Hi..i just install subrion 4.2 and my first impression..really good and interested to explore more in it. Few question below:

    1. is it possible to control or limit access in every pages created such as only admin who create the page can edit or delete the pages but other admin still able to view the pages at front page.

    2. Currently every admin can upload picture in their own personal album in My Album but is it possible if they too can share their photo album or one specific picture to the public gallery under Album Gallery. Everything that they need to do is to approve the picture to be enable to public Album Gallery. I try to not enter any specif admin User ID in album setting but it show 404 Error Page.

    3. Is there any plugin available for Document Sharing, Viewing and Repository where every admin user able to upload their own document such as PDF, powerpoint, excel, words and etc to the public or only give access to specific usergroup or members. This Document Sharing will display in specific pages and also can be set in thumbnail format such as the picture gallery formats. User can view the document or download it if any permission available.

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