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Discussion in 'Auto Classifieds Script' started by skyknight, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. skyknight

    skyknight New Member

    Hi, how to display latest autos, popular autos, and popular make (brand) on my site?

    Thank you
  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi, if I understand you, you wish to display such list on different pages? There is no such plugin, unfortunately.
  3. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    This functionality has been added in our latest version.
  4. mrkjulivrs

    mrkjulivrs New Member

    When your latest version will gonna be released? What is the current version?
  5. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Hello mrkjulivrs!
    Welcome to our support forums!

    The current version is 2.3.7.
    Probably, in the nearest future we will release a patch 2.3.8 with some minor bugfixes.
    However, we are planning to release the new 2.4.0 version that will have a lot of significant changes. Approximate date of release is at the end of July.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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