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Discussion in 'Subrion CMS Plugins Discussion' started by Vasily B., Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager


    I have just installed another plugin that's available in downloads area. Plugin installation instructions are still the same.

    Poll plugin allows to create polls on your site. There is a simple in admin panel to manage your polls.
  2. bosshog001

    bosshog001 New Member

    I use this a lot, I only wish that I could schedule the poll for the day that I want them to appear. Right now I can only schedule when I want to stop running the poll and not when I want the poll to start. If I could schedule the start date I would not have to post a new poll every day.
  3. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Well, I can say we will add this in our next version of plugin.
  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Added in version 1.2
    Ask Subrion team %) and have a good weekend!

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