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    I just installed the yellow pages package and am having issues.

    I am having issues with adding categories and locations manually.

    I want a north american wide directory and as such do not want to import the categories and locations that come with the yellow pages package.

    However, if I try and add a category or location manually , it does not allow me to use that as a parent, so I cant add any subcategories. The "show/hide the tree " link does nothing.

    I think the issue has something to do with the way that the way that the categories are added if you don't import the locations and categories.

    Adding new categories and locations from scratch do not get added properly in the admin area it seems. Looking at the db, it seems to add them in as a second level category with no parent and I think that this is what the issue is.

    I have attached a screenshot of the 2 test categories and 2 test locations I have added.

    How do I resolve this?


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