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  1. CKENT

    CKENT New Member

    Found an error in breadcrumbs. Basically if the sub category ID is less then the Main Category ID the sub category appears first in the breadcrumb followed by the main category.

    ID 1: Sub Cat
    ID 3:Main Cat

    Breadcrumb becomes:
    Home / Articles / Sub Cat / Main Cat

    Deleting the categories and making sure their ID is greater than their parent category fixes the issue.
  2. Dayir_A.

    Dayir_A. Staff Member

    Hello @CKENT,

    We'll check this bug and get back to you soon.
    NOTE: if you have installed fresh installation of latest released Subrion CMS + latest version of package then you can freely
    report issues directly to our GitLab repository that we use. You may found it here:
    Be sure to check the existing issues before posting new one as the bug you want to report may be already reported by others.

    Thank you.

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