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Discussion in 'Third Party Packages' started by glassjames, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. glassjames

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    I cant seem to get in touch with mods guru, maybe you guys have a idea.

    I noticed that the new lyrics on the home page seem to keep going, meaning if i enter a 1000 lyrics it will list all 1000 on the front page, i cannot find a place in configuration to limit this number. i did find this.

    Code (Text):
    {if !empty($new_lyrics)}
        <ul class="unstyled sidebar-list">
            {foreach from=$new_lyrics item=lyric}
                {include file='lyrics:brief/lyric.tpl'}
        <div class="alert alert-info">{lang key='no_lyrics'}</div>
    DO any of you subrion pros have a idea how to make the code limit itself to lets say the last 5 new lyrics?

    Code (Text):
    {     if (++$i == 5) break; }
    Not sure how this would affect the code and i want to do this right.. any tops would be appreciated.

    thanks Jim
  2. glassjames

    glassjames New Member

    Solved! thanks for that Wazza, found it, fixed it. appreciate it!

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