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Discussion in 'Yellow Pages Script / Local Directory Script' started by chrisb4262, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. chrisb4262

    chrisb4262 New Member

    Couple of questions my site
    If I register as a member it sends confirmation to the email address given so I think the email is set up right.
    I confirm the membership I can then add a company, companies. which are posted immediately.

    However if I do not register and use the add company button I fill in the details it then says it will send a confirmation email

    But no email is sent and there is no sight of the added company in the admin dashboard.
    Can members only post companies ? is the system either or?

    Or is there a way to allow new users (visitors) without membership to post. and receive email confirmation i.e. straight from the add company button for admin to approve. it may be that the payment gateway needs to be set up first anyone know the answer.
    I am new to this but there seems to be a lack of any meaningful instructions for use.

  2. shaununouk

    shaununouk New Member

    I have had this problem myself with guests submitting companies and I never use to receive any details, I think it is a known bug, but could not find a record of it on the to do list, or it has been discusses previously somewhere on these forums. You have to have all users register an account to submit company details. Guest visitor submissions does not work.
  3. chrisb4262

    chrisb4262 New Member

    Hi Thanks for Your Help with this seems a fairly fundemental flaw. That said the only way I can see to overcome this is to change the links on the the site where it has ad business here buttons to go to the membership page. And to make the fact you need to register to list more prominent on the site.

    Any body help with how to change the links on the site ( I have looked on both the site admin and in the system files>
    from going to add business
    to register.
    For the
    Add Site button top
    Get Listed in Minutes Button main banner
    Add Business nav menu dropdown in more.


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