Really unhappy about the way things are going...

Discussion in 'Real Estate Classifieds Script' started by jeff.p, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. jeff.p

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    Ok so this script has just to much missing to be considered as a real estate script.

    Can't get the support to fix the issues, it's just becoming a joke, might have to look at another script after spending alot of $

    Tickets are not responded to on a regular basis either.

    Ok so whats missing? Heres the list.

    1. There is no system differnce between Agents and normal users, so many problems arise from this. Have a gues what they could be...
    2. Agents or Private Owners cannot pay monthly subscriptions.
    3. You cannot see the list of agents.
    4. There are no statistics for Agents, like a simple thing like how many times this listing has been seen.
    5. The Register process is confusing for new members.
    6. There is no featured listing setup.
    7. Resend password does not work.
    8. Cannot set blocks for agents only.
    9. Agents and users have the same tabs in profile, wtf?
    10. You cannot add menu links to categories created.

    Just a few...
  2. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Here is what we have planned and implemented for the upcoming 3.2.0 version of our real estate script. Currently it lacks some critical features, though they would be definitely added in the upcoming version
    Most issues you mention are fixed, though the rest issues should be still fixed.

    For example:
    1. There are two major differences now. More fields for agents, limit for agents. Agents are now a separate usergroup.
    2. We have implemented recurring Paypal payments in 3.2.x, 3.2.2 has major improvements
    3. There will be a filter by Usergroup on Members page in 3.2.2
    4. Stats is implemented. You only need to display it on View Listing page by {$item.num_views} that's it.
    5. Are we talking about default registration page?
    6. Admin can feature listings in admin panel on Edit Listing page.
    7. Sorry, might be an old version.
    8. Yes, sorry no way to do this now without extra coding. Are we talking about some custom blocks that are only visible for agents? If so we can achieve this by this code: {if $member && $member.usergroup_id == 'id here'} here agents block code{/if}
    9. Yep, now fixed. Related to #1
    10. Yes, no easy way to do that.

    The guys really get a lot of requests, I'm sure they can complete all your requests next week. Thanks for your patience.

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