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Discussion in 'Third Party Packages' started by Eleanna, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Eleanna

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    We are looking at this, and find it a little "confused". First of all, is this compatible with Subrion v 3.1.2? Secondly, is this a plugin or a package? We are looking at this in terms of possibly integrating it as part of a Community site based on the yellow pages package, meaning, in the Yellow Pages package we would have a "Community Section", part of which would be a recipe exchange. Other parts of this would be the ability for members to upload "Albums", publish their own poetry/short stories, announce weddings, deaths, obituaries, etc. From that perspective, can the "Recipe package" be integrated into the Yellow Pages" package?
    and could the demo end of things please be updated? It is not that easy to get access to the front or admin end of things. The admin link on the front end demo doesn't work, etc. etc.... (The proper link is in the comments somewhere, but takes ages to eventually load)
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    Are you talking about MyRecipe? Yes it is a package.
    Sorry it is not avaliable for 3.1.2 yet ill be updating it over the next few weeks. Really busy at the moment.

    Ill post back as soon as i can. And should not be a problem running the two packages side by side.

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