Recurring paid listing plans (PayPal) don't appear to be working

Discussion in 'Web Directory Script' started by Boue, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Boue

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    I am testing paid listings functionality, using PayPal plugin.

    I have created a paid plan for an annually recurring listing.
    If a member submits a new listing to this (enters add listing details and subsequent paypal payment gateway details) the following happens:

    1 - Admin receives 'new listing submitted' email.
    2 - PayPal sends emails to member and Admin confirming that a new automatic payment profile has been created.

    - At this stage the listing remains at 'approval' status & no emails are sent to the member from the CMS.

    3 - At approx midnight PayPal makes the actual payment & sends an email to the member confirming payment.
    4 - Later PayPal sends an email to Admin confirming the payment.

    That is it.
    The listing remains 'approval' status, and the CMS has sent no emails to the member.

    Once the payment has been made, shouldn't the listing would become 'active' and the member and Admin sent emails accordingly?
  2. Boue

    Boue New Member

    Anyone else have the same problem?

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