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Discussion in 'Article Script / Article Directory Script' started by CKENT, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. CKENT

    CKENT New Member

    Is there a configuration option to remove the "Send Email" to a use through the article page or the profile page? Or configure this based on permissions for who can see and use the "Send Email" Link.
  2. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    Hello @CKENT ,

    You can hide this link by adding the CSS code to the ../templates/YOUR_CURRENT_TEMPLATE/css/user-style.css file:
    Code (CSS):
    .page-view_article #send-email-box {
        display: none;
    Please let me know the result.
  3. CKENT

    CKENT New Member

    The only problem with CSS is that the form is that the form and link is still there. I just went into the template and removed it completely.
  4. Andrew_G.

    Andrew_G. Staff Member

    @CKENT ,

    I'm glad to see that you could solve this issue.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or issues.

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