REQuest a better method of backing up Subrion.

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  1. I was doing great with Subrion. Then it crashed. It took me two days to restore it back. It sucked the life out
    of me.

    My problem started with changing NAVi template files. The entire Subrion crashed, not just the template.
    I wasn't changing scripts, just the style switcher and I had successfully changed items at least
    50 times without problems; per our previous discussions.

    I have exported a clean database immediately after a successful install occurred.
    I have exported my database with all of its content, all records.
    I have exported the database via alphabetical sections; example: Subrion2015A - C.sql
    I have exported record by record.

    I have copied the entire Subrion folder from the FTP site, to my hard drive. It stays in a separate folder than
    my lab (where I make all my changes).

    I lost track of the many times I had to reinstall subrion and try various importing attempts; record by record.
    If I just imported the entire database, it would give no errors in mysql; however I could not use the website.

    The site would either be blank or it would have all the DASHBOARD links that pointed to HTTP://"linkname"

    What am I missing? I can not install Subrion via Softaculous. This would solve my problems since it packages
    the DB along with the files and has a handy restore function.
  2. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    I never had problems with subrion, working to change the template. The template works separate from the core.
    When the template crashes for some error in the code, delete the template with problem of subrion templates folder, and then delete all the tmp folder content on the site to delete the file cache.
    Then go for the fixed template site.
    I keep a browser configured to delete all temporary files and all cache to test the subrion and its plugins and templates. When appears any error problem I close the browser and open the site again, so all temporary files and cache are erased and starting from scratch is the best way.

    To install subrion I always go up the files via FTP or via Cpanel I send the compressed file and decompress directly in the folder. I never had problems. Via Softaculos've had a lot of trouble to install and do not use for this purpose.

    To back up the database, import and export I use phpmyadmin available on the host control panel. Always worked properly. Export .zip file is quick and easy. No special configuration to run the import and export work from the database is not required.

    The template Navi, installs cookie on your computer and it is appropriate to delete the cookie on your computer if the template presenting problem or error. Do not forget to delete the browser cache and the TMP files in the folder subrion. And then reinstall the template again.

    Good job.
  3. Hi, Olairmarcos! I bascially had been doing what you were saying.
    My question is that if I am deleting Subrion entirely, isn't that all I need to delete 'temp' files? Is there another location on the site that I need to delete cache and temp files?
    My fresh installs worked flawlessly, but when I imported working databases with all my content, it would fail.

    I have 4 computer with different browser and versions. I used them to verify that the computer with problems, is seeing the real thing. If the problems
    persist, I also erase all cache/cookies;etc on my browser. This is how I know I am not 'tricked'.

    It also occured to me that I have not deleted temp files all the time, since I was also using FTP to copy my backup folder back to the site.
    You just reminded me of something I had not been doing, I will make sure that I still delete temp folders from my local copy.

  4. olairmarcos

    olairmarcos Member

    You can delete all files /tmp folder on your backup (before upload backup), so any error written to the cache will be deleted.
    Do not forget to delete the entire cache of the browser.
    Good job.
  5. Ok, but there are no OTHER places I need to worry about its all in the subrion folder, right?

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