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    Marriage Certificate Pakistan and Events:
    For obtaining marriage certificate Pakistan and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan Jamila Law Associates is the best law firm. I had not had an opportunity to investigate in depth the beating of duff, so I relied on the generally accepted view that it is allowed, while other Musical instruments are disallowed while obtaining marriage certificate Pakistan and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan. However some time back. I read an article about it and since then have doubts about the legality of duff. To be on the safe side therefore I now advise that one should refrain from its use. (Imdad ul Fatti)v-2 P-279)


    Many people imagine that it is allowed to sing in marriage ceremonies and let their women do that. They forget that strangers should not hear the voice of a woman. These things could lead to evil and is, therefore, forbidden. Furthermore, this kind of singing instigates the predominant thoughts in oneself and generally evil thoughts dominate every heart. Besides, these things carry on late into the night and naturally disturb the neighbours. These fun-makers fall on their backs just before dawn and go to sleep missing the morning salah. Is it not unlawful to skip a salah particularly for such a reason? Sometimes, the words are obscene. Thus, both singers and listeners commit sine this is unlawful, and to pay for it is also unlawful. Besides marriage certificate Pakistan and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan, not only has the host paid because he has called the singers but also the guests are made to pay. Those who do not pay are rebuked. (Islah Russum)

    People who make this arrangement during marriage certificate Pakistan and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan and who denied the family of the other spouse to organize it commit a grave sin. The organizer is responsible for the sin of every guest who participates in the awry adventure and each sin is added to the hill) own, Further, if anyone initiates him and organizes such a function later then the sin of that too will be put on his name; even after he dies, as long as the evil he has initiated is committed by anyone, the sin will continue to against him, In such gatherings of marriage certificate Pakistan and Nadra divorce certificate Pakistan, music is also played to uncontrollable limits. The Prophet said, "My Lord has commanded me to eliminate the musical instruments.” Think about it: how will he fare who promotes that which the Prophet was commissioned to eliminate! (Bayhisti Zewar, v-6 P-32)


    Allah’s Messenger were sent to guide people and put an end to musical instruments and he said that some section of his Ummah towards the end of the world will be transmuted into swine and apes. The Sahabah asked him if those people would be Muslims. He said, "Yes, they would be Muslims who believe in the unity of Allah and my mission. They will keep fast yet play music, listen to songs and consume wine. They will be transmuted. " (Imdad ul Fatawa, v-2 P-291). Our best lawyers in Lahore Pakistan is here for services of all kind of lawsuit.

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