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Discussion in 'Article Script / Article Directory Script' started by Greg, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    A couple of questions in regards to Segin template.

    Enable Responsive Design? -> What does this mean ?

    Enable Right Column? -> Would also be nice if we could enable right column and have a way to disable left column. Hope that makes sense?

    Not the easiest template to edit (css).
  2. wazza

    wazza Member

    Im doing the exact same thing no editing thou....
    Im using it for my package.... i added /packages/myrecipe/

    Im actually enjoying it. It is a little tricky but once you get the hang of it you will love it:D
  3. wazza

    wazza Member

    i need to enable bootstrap-awesome....but when i do it messes with my main menu nave bar.

    Any idea why that happens?

  4. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Greg, I'm afraid you went the wrong way... I've asked my colleague Gleb (css-ninja) to get back to you with the instructions.
  5. wazza

    wazza Member

    hmmm i think i am going the wrong way too...

    Please take a look at

    The list Page

    and then


    I have the layout.tpl and list.tpl index.tpl in the /segin/packages/myrecipe folder.

    The list.tpl file executes fine but for some reason the index.tpl does not load....

    I guess my logic is wrong
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  6. wazza

    wazza Member

    Ok seems 2.3.0 version wont work like that.... Though 2.3.3 version does....
    Are you guys able to update the 2.3.0 version as im going to have to release my package for 2.3.0 version for now.?

    Now i just need to sort out the sliders...and menu issues. if i enable bootstrap-awesome the my sliders work great....but it breaks the main menu.

    Sorry to jump on you thread greg :eek:

  7. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Hello Greg!

    This config option enables Fluid layout of Segin template. For example, if you view your website with Responsive Design enabled on iPad or iPhone, all blocks will slightly adapt to current device width.

    This will be available in next version of Segin template. Next version will come out tomorrow with new Publishing Package.

    About css file:
    Right now there is only minified version of css file, that is why it is very tough to edit.
    In next version we'll add user-style.css with prepared selectors and also non-minified version of general styles.

    However, right now you can add your own css stylesheet:
    In layout.tpl right after line 24 add this:
    <link href="{$smarty.const.IA_CLEAR_URL}templates/{$config.tmpl}/css/user-style.css" rel="stylesheet">
    Hope this helps!
  8. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    I see what you mean now. :eek:

    Happens again, 1 week ban for you. :)

    Thanks Gleb - I'll hold off until the next version.
  9. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

  10. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    That was quick. Thanks!
  11. wazza

    wazza Member

    Is it possiable to use a different layout.tpl under the /packages/myrecipe folder?

    I know i can use the layout.tpl in the sub folders. Just seems that other templates will not render index.tpl, list.tpl, template_name.tpl etc etc

    my folder looks like this

    list.tpl will render

    index.tpl and slider-popular-recipes.tpl do not. (seems to revert to /segin/publishing/index.tpl)

    I guess everything is based on the main /segin/layout.tpl

    Just wondering if it is at all possaible to have this template function in this way?

    Would be a great way to have a different (different designs) segin template for every package.

    Dont get me wrong---- i know if i overwrite the main /segin/layout.tpl that it will work fine.

    Just though it could be made more (package specific?)
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  12. Gleb_S.

    Gleb_S. Subrion Designer Staff Member

    Hello, wazza!

    Right now it is not possible to do like you want, but there is a solution if you need to customize only styles for you package pages:

    1. Open up layout.tpl
    2. Find 'body' tag and replace it with this:
    Code (Text):
    <body class="{$pageName} {if defined('IA_CURRENT_PACKAGE')}{$smarty.const.IA_CURRENT_PACKAGE}{/if}">
    Now you can customize any specific page (like members, login, search and etc.) with css.
    And also on every page of your package there will be a classname for example 'myrecipe'. And you can style any content on you page differently than on other pages.
  13. wazza

    wazza Member

    Hi Gleb,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Will you be adding this functionality in the next version release?
    Would be great to have your segin template (or another version of it) adapted for each package to allow for default templates based on package.

    Best regards,
  14. Vasily_B.

    Vasily_B. Project Manager

    Hi Quentin,

    I suppose we will only make specific templates for each package. For example we might want to create more auto classifieds templates, we will create auto classifieds specific templates including specific custom pages for autos package only as it's pretty difficult to track all the changes in all packages and then update all templates.

    For example, you can create your own recipes template, create custom layout for it, design classes etc. Then you can create a folder in a template directory called packages, recipes and add your recipes package template there. In this case you will have a unique template with its own CUSTOM styles/layouts/whatever that are specific for your package only.
  15. wazza

    wazza Member

    Ok no problem Vasily. That make sense.
  16. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    Minor issue with the publishing menu display. When placed in the left column the little icons display. However when place in the right column there are no icons. See pics attached.

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  17. wazza

    wazza Member

    Hi greg. There is nothing in the style sheet for this.

    Please see this line in base.css

    There is no equivalent for the right side so you will need to add something like.

    you may have to add something like

    Not sure of positioning though if you want to display on the right side or left side of the block?

    I have not tested this btw :D (well i can`t test it as i dont have publishing package :p)

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  18. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    Thanks Quentin

    I have a stupid question. How can I disable the "Add Article" in the menus. I don't want anyone to be able to add articles at this time. I looked everywhere (I think :confused:
  19. wazza

    wazza Member

    you should be able to disable the page. Admin Panel -> Manage Pages
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  20. Greg

    Greg Super Moderator

    Thanks. Didn't think of that. I just thought there would be somewhere in publishing config. to disable add article option. There might be but I sure didn't see it. ;)

    Think I'll move this thread down to the Article Script forum.

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