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    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me how I might create a different title suffix for the index page?

    What I currently have for Page Title is the domain/business name and the suffix goes like: "| <business name> | <Keywords> <Location>"

    So in effect, our business name is duplicated (and quite long also) - like this:
    "<business name> | <business name> | <Keywords> <Location>"

    Is it still a good idea to keep name in the suffix? I notice it's very common on many websites. Including this "| Subrion CMS Forums"

    I mean, the simplest solution I see without any changing to code is to make the title look like this:

    "<business name> | <Keywords> <Location>"


    "<page-contact-us> | <Keywords> <Location>"

    So as you can see, the domain/business name would no longer be displayed on all pages except the index/home/welcome page.

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